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You can add any radio stream with a public mp3 stream URL. To be sure your URL works you can test it on Chrome, for example

Some services may need to add .mp3 or #.mp3 at the end of the URL to work properly.

If a download starts or you see a player, your stream is working fine! It works with SHOUTcast or Icecast streams, it just needs to be in mp3 format and needs to be accessible from the browser. If you have any doubt, contact us at info[AT] and we will test your stream on our test server.

Songs feed

If you have an XML Shoutcast V2 feed with tracklist accessible, this theme can automatically read the track titles and display them in the player. Not every streaming provider has this service, but in case it doesn’t the information will be hidden and no error will bother your visitors.

How do I integrate my radio stream?

This in an example of the fields you can compile: